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Ceramic Pro in Surrey - 15 Years of perfecting paint

We specialize in paint protection and paint correction including Ceramic Pro coatings.

Ceramic Pro in Surrey - About Us

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Swiss Pro Detailing offers car detailing in Surrey, and the greater Vancouver area. Daniel Joehl is a Swiss trained Automotive Technician, and former Weissach Vancouver Technician. He has been car detailing since 2003. He brings Switzerland’s world renowned reputation for quality and precision to the car paint protection and ceramic coatings world. Swiss Pro Detailing stands for today: Quality, Passion, & Value. We offer unrivalled care and experience for automotive enthusiasts. Daniel has detailed some of the worlds most beautiful cars around the globe from Switzerland to Vancouver. 

Ceramic Coatings & Detailing Services

Ceramic Pro is the industry leader in ceramic coatings. It includes warranty, 3rd party testing results and the best permanent performance of any coating on the market.

Ceramic coatings can be applied to any vehicle surface to provide a durable, 9H hard, U.V resistant, water repellant, stain repellant layer. Its high gloss and easy to maintain surface has changed the auto care world. You will no longer be forced to apply wax or even a sealant to your vehicles paintwork. Washing the vehicle and maintaining the exterior and interior is revolutionized due to Ceramic Pro nano coating technology.

It is critical to understand that a total cleaning and polish of the vehicle is required* to ensure a proper adhesion of the coating and to guarantee you are not sealing in unsightly swirls and paint defects for years to come. Swiss Pro Detailing is proud to offer many different levels of protection from that offer a range of warranties from 2 years(Bronze), to LIFETIME (Gold), with 5 Years Warranty (Silver) being the most popular choice.

*Please note, new vehicles have paint defects when they leave the factory floor, and when they leave the dealership, paint correction is recommended for all vehicles to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Exterior detailing (Starting at $300 Wash + Polish + Sealant )
•3 stage decontamination wash; including wheels, pre-wash, wash, clay, dry car
•Paint Correction; we polish the paint to boost shine and gloss (removes approx: up to 40% of marring)
•Paint Protection with top professional quality sealant (Ceramic Coatings available at additional cost)
•Rims cleaned and tires protected
•Plastic trim restore/enhanced
•Door jambs, trunk area cleaned

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Interior Detailing (Starting at $159)
• Vacuum
• Steam Clean
• Shampoo
• Leather cleaning & conditioning (Alcantara too)
• Upholstery Ceramic Coating (invisible protective barrier)+
• Leather Ceramic Coating (invisible protective barrier)+
• Trim conditioning
• Mold removal *
• Pet hair removal*
*Note interior detail vary so widely based on interior condition – quotes based on condition
+Note ceramic coatings for interiors are available upon request and quoted based on vehicle size
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Paint Correction* will remove scratches from auto car washes and other defects. Condition of paint will be noticeably brighter, have improved shine on the finish. Value and condition of the vehicle can be drastically improved for your own enjoyment or for resale. We include/apply the leading german made sealant to provide a protective layer from water and dirt.
Paint sealant application is included with paint correction services. If you wish for a more superior, longer lasting protection, we can discuss ceramic coating packages.

*Includes a thorough 3 step decontamination wash.

  • Bronze Paint Correction Starting at $450
    • 1-2-Step cut/polish = 40-50% correction of light swirling and marring of the paint
  • Silver Paint Correction Starting at $850
    • 2-3 Step cut/polish = 75+% correction of medium swirling, scratches, and other defects
  • Gold Series Paint Correction – Concours and auto show preparation call for quote
Cleaning Results

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