Full Detail Service (Coupe)

$475.00 4 hours



Mobile Car Detailing – Serving all of Metro Vancouver, Tri-Cities and Fraser Valley – Full Detail Service Coupe

The Full Detail includes:

3 Stage Decontamination wash (using 2-bucket method and filtered water)
Touch-less drying using filtered warm air
Cleaning of tires, wheels, windows (both inside and out), upholstery, carpet and leather (if applicable)
Dressing of tires (non greasy, matte finish)
Wheel wells cleaned
Engine top area cleaned
Meticulous scrubbing and steam cleaning of interior plastic/vinyl door panels, dash, center console, just about everything
Interior dressing/UV protection on dash
Extensive vacuum of interior, including trunks
Carpet shampooing
Clay bar treatment
One step machine polish of the paint to boost shine and gloss (removes approx: 25-50% of swirls)
Paint Sealant (a professional synthetic sealant), offers a 4-6 months protective barrier to the paint from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants while adding a reflective, glossy shine to your paint’s surface and extreme hydrophobicity (water beading and shedding)
Sealant applied to wheels, chrome, and exterior plastics.
Some paints require more aggressive methods of perfecting the paint. Depending on the condition of the paint, and also the hardness of the clear coat, additional steps of polishing or compounding may be necessary to achieve a desired result (billed at $85/hr).