Mobile Car Wash Vancouver

  • Wash Vehicle – 3 stage decontamination wash
  • Dry Vehicle
  • Clay
  • Apply Paint Sealant to Protect Vehicle from road chemicals
  • Clean Interior mats (rubber or carpet)

Starting at $99 

Winter road conditions are terrible!

We take care of your vehicles underbody by cleaning all road chemicals and salts from it.

We conduct a power wash of the vehicle afterwards to ensure no salt is adhering to the paint.

Starting at $65

We take great joy in offering a variety of mobile car wash solutions to clients all around Metro Vancouver. Car wash services include:

  • Touch-less Car Wash and Touch-less Drying*
  • Winter Special: Includes underbody wash, 3 stage exterior wash + interior mats cleaned!
  • 3 Stage Decontamination Wash 2 bucket method wash including bug/tar/iron removal*

After Swiss Pro Detailing has evaluated your vehicle we will proceed with the best method to clean your vehicle properly. Mobile car detailing in Richmond and Vancouver areas often run into very dirty vehicles making touch-less washing not recommended. Our Waterless wash method includes various practices that I have used since cleaning cars in the Swiss Alps and focuses on lubricating the surface and lifting the debris. The most popular method of car wash in Vancouver is the 3 stage decontamination wash. We use professional grade iron/insect/tar remover, pre-soak the vehicle, hand wash using 2 bucket method and touch-less drying to achieve a brilliant result on your beautiful car.

*Prices vary by vehicle – Call tel:+16047042167 to arrange the best mobile car wash in Vancouver.

Maintenance Services

For vehicles that have received paint protection services

After Swiss Pro Detailing has evaluated your vehicle and performed a Full-Service Detail on the SWISSPRO Maintenance Program is available to you. Our maintenance program is a weekly, bi-weekly or a minimum monthly maintenance service that keeps your cars looking beautiful (and protecting the warranty for ceramic coatings)*.

The first step to join the maintenance program is to get a Full Service Detail. We will protect the paint of your vehicle with a 6-month premium Sealant or depending requirements a Ceramic Coating*. Brand new vehicles can forgo the full-service detail service and select our exterior-only detail service prior to the maintenance program

At Swiss Pro Detailing we bring Switzerland’s reputation for quality and precision in to high value care for your automobile. We use and import the finest quality auto care products for professional use, to give your car the highest standard of care. You can always expect the best service and highest quality results from Daniel and the team. We are committed to providing the best to all car lovers and anyone who requires perfection.


*Ceramic Coatings require maintenance to stay within warranty. Please note ceramic coating is a high quality way to protect your paint but may not always be the right paint protection solution for you.

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